Board Member News



The Hale County Appraisal District is seeking citizens for appointment to the local Appraisal Review Board (ARB). The ARB hears the formal appeals of taxpayers on matters of value and exemptions. It is a citizen board made up of Hale County residents who have been in Hale County at least two years. Members cannot be employed any local government entity such as a school, city, college, or county.


The ARB receives a daily service rate of $100. Training is required and is paid at the same rate as hearings. Most of the hearings are during the days, Monday through Friday, and occur June through August. A few meetings occur later in the year. The total number of days of service is normally between five and ten.


The ARB listens to the evidence of value or other information from both the appraisal district personnel and the taxpayer and then makes a decision on the preponderance of the evidence presented. The process and training are provided by the Texas State Comptroller's office.


Persons interested can pick up information at the appraisal district office at 302 W. 8th in Plainview, Texas, or view/download the application here. If interested persons have questions, they should contact the appraisal office at 806-293-4226. The decision will be made by the District Judge by February, 2023. The term of office is two years and is subject to reappointment.